Friday, December 31, 2010

Reward Zone

I generalized my 2011 goals in the last post, but I also should mention that I'm all about rewards!  It's not like I just love shopping & spending money on myself... it's actually quite the opposite.  I have no trouble purchasing food, or necessary items... I love buying gifts for others ('specially at Christmastime), but I'm really good at rationalizing myself out of getting anything for little ole me!  And sometimes, as a result, I start to get bothered by this fact.  
That said, I love setting goals and giving myself rewards.  I set up savings accounts for big purchases, because I think it feels so satisfying to be able to purchase something when I have the cash for it

A few things I keep in mind when I come up with rewards for myself:
  • I can't reward myself with food, because I'm already indulgent enough.
  • I like to set a dollar amount for each goal.  When I meet that goal, I save that amount of dollas until I can afford my desired reward.  
  • Clothes are great rewards for exercise & weight loss goals, as I always need new clothes, and it's more fun to buy clothes when I feel great!
I'm sure there are more, but that's good enough to start.  
I'm going to save $5 a week for each week that I achieve all my goals.  I may decide to increase after a certain point, but we'll see.  I work on a Monday - Sunday week for tracking, so at the end/beginning of each week, I'll track with an update!

For a little teaser, here's the reward I'm going for first (approx. 6 weeks).

This is the coordinating print to one I received for Christmas from my lovely friend.  Available here.

Isn't it awesome?!  That outta keep me going :)

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